Deer Tick Announces a Proper St. Louis Show

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Travis Huggett
John J. McCauley III, chilling like a villain this summer
In November 2009, Deer Tick did an impromptu show at Off Broadway after King Khan & BBQ Show canceled due to an arrest. Then, Deer Tick did a last-minute show in March at the Wedge, on the way to SXSW. But as of today, Deer Tick finally confirmed an official, announced-in-advance show: Thursday, August 5, at Off Broadway. Even better? Athens, Georgia, rockers Dead Confederate are opening. Deer Tick has a new album, The Black Dirt Sessions, out June 8. Oh, and it recently covered Katrina and the Waves! Hear that over at Brooklyn Vegan, the blog which is apparently releasing an entire EP of KATW covers.

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