Photos: Mucca Pazza, the Monads, Fattback Last Night at the Firebird, 5/22/10

Chicago's punk rock marching band, Mucca Pazza, crammed onto the Firebird stage last night. Locals the Monads and Fattback opened the night. It was the second show at the Firebird space for the mostly brass band, which boasts 20-something members. (Mucca Pazza's first show in St. Louis was back in March 2008.) Last night, photographer Jon Gitchoff was in the audience and snapped these photos: Mucca Pazza at the Firebird, 5/22/10. Below are a few highlights.

Mucca Pazza 3.jpg
Mucca Pazza 7.jpg
Mucca Pazza invades the crowd 2.jpg
See the full slideshow from Mucca Pazza last night at the Firebird.

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