Lady Antebellum Books a Show at the Fabulous Fox

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A few months ago, a friend Tweeted that he didn't understand the point of a song about drunk-dialing an ex. (I responded with: "Have you ever been in college?") He was referring to Lady Antebellum's huge crossover hit, "Need You Now," which exploded on multiple radio formats shortly after the band's February performance at the Grammy Awards. Although certainly full of mild country signifiers, the tune is a seamless pop song full of longing and regret -- the ideal recipe for a hit. The Nashville trio will be playing at the Fabulous Fox Theater on September 30. Tickets are $38 and $43 and are on sale Friday, July 9, at 10 a.m.

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Matt Harnish
Matt Harnish

Really? There's a Country-Pop act whose name references the pre-Civil War South? And nobody is bothered by this? And some label dude let them call themselves that? I mean, in a 20 minute discussion about culture & heritage & tradition & blah blah blah one can easily make a case for the nobility of the Confederate States, despite their faults, obviously. Neither side was 100% good or bad in the Civil War. But on first glance, it just looks like this band name is praising the plantation system. Or does nobody known what "Antebellum" means & they're just coasting on the "Lady" part, since Lady Gaga is huge now? Seriously, this is the first I've heard of this band & it way threw me for a loop that somebody could roll out such a potentially offensive name (again, a solid argument proves it inoffensive, but who has time for a solid argument these days?). A punk rock or hip-hop or any sort of underground band with this name is a totally different beast, but a big ol' mainstream Country-Pop act? Weird, man. Whatever, check out my new band, Crystal Night. What? Too soon?

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