Photos: RFT Music Showcase on Washington Avenue, June 5, 2010

If you missed it over the weekend, the Riverfront Times Music Showcase went on from about noon to 2 a.m. up and down Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. We dispatched three music photographers --  Jon Gitchoff, Jason Stoff and Steve Truesdell -- to the streets on Saturday. Check out this photo slideshow for the full gallery. Below is a sampling.

Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine at the Flamingo Bowl at 9pm.jpg
Photo: Jon Gitchoff
Cassie Morgan
Photo: Jason Stoff
DJ Needles
Photo: Steve Truesdell
Fresh Heir
Click here for the full RFT Music Showcase slideshow.
Humanoids blows the roof of the Side Bar at 1015pm.jpg
Photo: Jon Gitchoff
The Humanoids
Photo: Jason Stoff
Sleepy Kitty
The Monads gave gifts of beach balls which ended up all over Washington Avenue.jpg
Photo: Jon Gitchoff
A beach ball party during the Monads' set. The band supplied the beach balls.
Click here for the full RFT Music Showcase slideshow.
Photo: Jason Stoff
Troubador Dali

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