Five Epic Moonwalk Fails

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After hearing the rumors that former President Bill Clinton busted out the moonwalk at his daughter's wedding a couple weeks back, we started wishing that some video would surface. Why? Because odds are that it was an epic fail.

That got us thinking. What other moonwalk fails are lurking out there? We started digging, and here are our five favorite fails.

1. Mascot Fail
I still do not understand why the mascot didn't take a second to peek around and see how close the edge was. Oh well, big falls equal big laughs.

2. Drunk Fail
Dude, like film this man. I can totally bust out some MJ with the best of them. Wait till this hits YouTube, I'll make cut-off jean shorts cool again.

3. Malaysian Idol Fail
This is a complete and total Michael Jackson fail, on every possible level.

4. Creepy Christian Trio Fail
So yeah, this guy moonwalks at the 1:57 mark during one of the most bizarre dance solos you will ever witness. Actually, everything about this video is bizarre.

5. Rihanna Fail
What's a list without a little star power? Seriously, this one is just sad.

Bonus DYI Moonwalk Video
Finally, a how-to-moonwalk instructional video so you can learn how to do the dance properly and not wind up star of your own Youtube video.

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