Mayor Slay Proclaims Today "Jeff Tweedy Day" in St. Louis

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A few hours before Wilco's Jeff Tweedy played a rousing solo set at LouFest, Mayor Slay proclaimed it "Jeff Tweedy Day" in St. Louis. The presentation of the proclamation wasn't public; it happened backstage during the afternoon, so there was really nothing to see. (And unfortunately, I don't think there's anything in Slay's office that will be as amazing as what's in the Portland mayor's office: a painting of Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock wearing lederhosen.) However, the fine, intrepid folks behind Speakers in Code managed to snap a Twitpic of the proclamation itself -- which looks fancy!

Speakers in Code/Twitpic
During the set, Tweedy told the crowd: "The mayor just gave me a proclamation that it's Jeff Tweedy day. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Everyone laughed, as he said he's thankful for the honor anyway and said he hoped Mayor Slay wasn't here (ostensibly because of the "stupidest thing I've ever heard" comment). Then he added: "I guess none of you have to go to work tomorrow. Cause traditionally 'Jeff Tweedy Day' is a three-day weekend."

Oh yeah, and Tweedy's nearly 90-minute set was great. Here's my review.

[Update! Reader Chris sent in video of what Tweedy said. See that below.]

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