Show Announcements: Week of October 28

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Warpaint can't get enough of Nellyville; the blissed out rock quartet from Los Angeles will be back in town for the third time since June on November 19 at The Gargoyle.

*Triggers, November 3

Euclid Records
*JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, November 6
*The Sights, November 6

Europe Nightclub
*Bad Boy Bill, November 13

The Firebird
*Building Rome, December 17
*Roman Numerals, December 1

The Gargoyle
*Warpaint, November 19

Off Broadway
*Batusis, December 5
*Big Smith, December 3
*Clare Burson, December 12
*The Hollands, November 20 
*Kristeen Young, December 23
*Lemuria, December 30
*Relient K (acoustic set), December 2 
*The Right Now, December 11

Old Rock House
*Bryan Greenberg, December 18
*Orgone, November 21
*The Punch Brothers, December 9

The Pageant
*El Monstero, December 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 26
*Will Downing, December 11

Pop's Nightclub
*Hurt, November 19
*Less Than Jake, February 11
*We Came as Romans, February 10

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