Show Announcements: Week of November 18

Interpol fans (and former fans turned skeptics) get a second Interpol date in 2010; you don't even have to sit through U2. At the Pageant with School of Seven Bells (!) February 11.

BB's Jazz Blues and Soups
*Michael "Iron Man" Burks, December 4

Chaifetz Arena
*Mike Epps, April 1

*Dot Dot Dot, December 30
*The Gay Blades, December 1
*Josephine Collective, January 11
*Lojic, December 22, 23
*The Noise FM, December 9

The Firebird
*Never Shout Never, January 27

*Amely, November 23
A Skylit Drive, November 24
*Full Blown Chaos, November 22
*Just Surrender, November 21
*Us, From Outside, November 21

The Gramophone
*Joe Krown Trio, December 10

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