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Brian Tristan's covetable résumé is all badass post-punk pedigree --The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- but he's all done loaning his riffage to other people's bands. See Kid Congo Powers at Off Broadway on February 13.

BB's Jazz Blues and Soups

*Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo, January 23

*Duwayne Burnside Band, January 28

*Harper and the Midwest Kind

*Joe and Vicki Price, January 29

*Kent Burnside and New Generation Blues, January 16

The Firebird

*The Constellations, March 16
*Deals Gone Bad, March 18
*Death By Stereo, February 27
*Drag the River, March 14

*Obits, March 13
*Queens Club, February 2
*Tori Sparks, February 3
*VolHolla! Febrary 20

Foam Coffee and Beer
*The Black Swans, January 9

*Afroman, January 27
*Armor For the Broken, January 22
*Ava, Wait, January 21
*Catalepsy, January 29
*Emilie Autumn, March 11
*Haste the Day, February 23
*Infernal Stronghold, January 12
*Malevolent Creation, February 25
*Scarlett O'Hara, January 25
*Staci Grim, January 18
*Wisdom in Chains, February 21

Off Broadway
*Chatham County Line, February 5
*Ha Ha Tonka, April 22
*Jookabox, March 11
*Kid Congo Powers, February 13
*Neil Innes, May 22
*Ted Leo, February 2

Old Rock House
*Carrie Rodriguez, Erin McKeown, February 14
*Jonathan Edwards, May 20

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