The Riverfront Times' Ten Best Local Singles and EPs of 2010

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(For a list of the RFT's top full-length albums of 2010, go here.) Singles and EPs have historically served invaluable purposes. For new bands, they can be the best method to come out swinging with their best songs. For established acts, they provide a low-pressure way to showcase new material, try out remixes, or clear the vaults of demos and alternate takes. These ten releases are prime examples of short, powerful listening experiences. In alphabetical order:

The Dive Poets
The Good & the Light EP
With each release, the Dive Poets refines its style of big-hearted, heartland rock & roll. Each song shows a different facet of the Dive Poets' marriage of modestly rocking Americana and sad-eyed barroom weepers. -Christian Schaeffer
Homespun Review

The Dive Poets, "Waiting Around to Die"

On these five songs, the group streamlined its raw and playful Southern-rock style without sacrificing its endearing weirdness. Last year's quite fine Canary was a stylistic tour through the band's bizarre fixations, and even across five songs, Fattback lets its freak flag fly a few times. -Christian Schaeffer
Homespun Review

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