Black Lips, Vivian Girls Coming to Firebird

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Jason Stoff
Black Lips at the Firebird, April 2010
If you read Pitchfork this morning (or caught the Firebird's Twitter a few hours ago), you read this news: On Wednesday, Thursday, April 21, the Black Lips/Vivian Girls double tour is coming to the venue. Tickets are on sale Friday at noon. Garage-rockers Black Lips played at the same venue last year and by Keegan Hamilton's account, destroyed. Lo-fi garage-girl-group Vivian Girls have never played St. Louis, and so their appearance might even be more anticipated.

Vivian Girls, "Moped Girls"

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Wed Apr. 20 or Thur Apr. 21?


I can only speak for myself when I say I'm more excited to see Vivian Girls than the Black Lips (no offense to the latter). About time they played here.

Annie Zaleski
Annie Zaleski

Thursday, April 21 -- had the wrong day of the week. Oops. :)

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