Eight Songs Less Than Jake Should Cover

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Less Than Jake's upcoming February 11 show at Pop's has inspired A to Z to reminisce over the lost art of the ska/punk cover. The beauty is in its simplicity: It's the same song you know and love, just played faster and louder and splattered with horn lines. Less Than Jake has mastered the cover song time and time again with a catalog which includes "Hungry Like The Wolf," "I Think I Love You," most of the Grease soundtrack, and dozens of others. With so many re-interpreted hits under its belt, LTJ's well may seem like it has run dry. Allow us to help: Here is our list of eight songs that Less Than Jake should cover.

John Cougar, "Hurts So Good"

Some of LTJ's best work has been rockers that toe the line between mid-tempo and blazing fast: "Last One Out Of Liberty City," "9th at Pine," the entire Borders and Boundaries record. "Hurts So Good" by the pre-Mellencamp John Cougar is right up the band's alley. (See: LTJ's take on "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister.) Chris Demakes' semi-snotty voice would gravel nicely hitting those high notes during "come on baaaaaaaaby," and it's easy to imagine a thousand fists giving three fist pumps to "..make it HURT SO GOOD."

Styx, "Come Sail Away"

While Less Than Jake isn't exactly a one-trick pony, its ambition to date has mostly involved variations of firing and re-hiring its horn section. The group has the chops to get its prog on, and "Come Sail Away" could be the perfect vehicle to open some new doors. And thanks in no small part to a rousing rendition by South Park fatty Eric Cartman, the song has enough kitsch to make it a hit with the youngsters.

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