The Halo Bar Goes Non-Smoking -- Effective Immediately

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This just in: The Halo Bar has gone non-smoking, effective immediately. The following note was just posted a note on the Pageant's Facebook wall:

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There was no reason given for the sudden ban -- however, later in the comment thread (which has quickly turned cranky), the venue notes, "For all that do not agree with the decision, it is out of our hands."

We're trying to get more information about this; stay tuned for updates.

[Update, 4:28 p.m. Eagle-eye commenter Matt Picker points out that the Halo Bar's Facebook page has the reason for the ban: The Halo Bar's smoking ban exemption request was shot down. This is still interesting, as on the surface the bar seemed like it fit the requirements laid out by the city. Stay tuned.]


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