Jack White Produces a Seven-Inch for Pokey LaFarge

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[Update, Monday, February 21: For an interview with LaFarge about the seven-inch and working with Jack White, go here.]

Rumors have been swirling around town for several months now about this, but now it can be said:

New 7inch vinyl produced by Jack White will be out in March on Third Man Recordsless than a minute ago via txt

LaFarge and I have been playing interview tag this week, but expect something more about this -- and some other accolades coming his way -- on Monday right here. LaFarge and the South City Three are opening for Wayne "The Train" Hancock tomorrow night at Off Broadway.

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I just found out about this AT Third Man Records TODAY! Go Pokey!

...I also am still not any closer to knowing why exactly it was that the White Strips broke up. Maybe Pokey knows!


Yay, Pokey, Joey, Ryan and Adam! Remember us!


*White Stripes. White Strips are a tooth-whitening product.

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