Record Store Day Announce 2011 Releases, Ozzy Osbourne Commands Your Attendance

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Record Store Day is a relatively new and relatively awesome Holiday. It's like Christmas for music nerds, only better -- rather than forcible family-togetherness and buying gifts for other people, record collectors are lured with live music, beer and shiny new wax into spending the day with their honorary family at the record store and buying presents for themselves.

Furthermore, instead of celebrating some event in the distant past, Record Store Day recognizes the vitality of Independent record stores, an endangered species, in the present, hoping to help enable their survival.

Yesterday the full list of exclusives for this year's Record Store Day was released. So take a deep breath, hang onto your credit cards and start pinchin' pennies -- there are more than a few things on this list worth waiting in line for.

For a full list of participating area stores, click here.

Stay tuned for a detailed schedule of events for Record Store Day in St. Louis, coming in a bit.

*A message from the official 2011 Record Store Day Ambassador, Ozzy Osbourne.

OZZY RSD Ambassador from Record Store Day on Vimeo.

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Penny Auction
Penny Auction

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