30 Seconds to Mars at the Pageant, 4/18/11

30 Seconds to Mars at the Pageant-1.jpg
Jared Leto, frontman of 30 Seconds To Mars. Photo by Jason Stoff
30 Seconds To Mars sold out the Pageant last night, and frontman Jared Leto proved himself a dynamic presence capable of putting on a hell of a show. He's also kind of got a George Michael look going on these days, but that is probably beside the point. Anberlin and CB7 opened. Jason Stoff was there to capture the madness.

Check out the full slideshow of 30 Seconds to Mars at the Pageant

30 Seconds to Mars at the Pageant-2.jpg
Fans lined up around the block near The Pageant to get great spots on the floor. Britney Walters, Jenny Walters, Marie Isenberg and Lisa Bradley were near the front of the line.

30 Seconds to Mars at the Pageant-5.jpg
Kyle Niehaus, Jorden Eyermann, Zach Zervas, Justin Gross and Ashley Gross came in from Arnold, MO for the show.

30 Seconds to Mars at the Pageant-6.jpeg
We count eight toms and something like a dozen cymbals

30 Seconds to Mars at the Pageant-7.jpg
See it?

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Did not like it
Did not like it

Agree with the posts below... really no momentum. Heard the drummer was sick and that would make sense... won't see another 30 STM show but still like the music...

Kacey Schaeffer
Kacey Schaeffer

This was the worst live show I've ever seen; my husband and I actually left in the middle after they messed up no less than five times in the first eight songs and completely butchered "The Kill". The "crowd karaoke" piece of this show was a joke - it was an excuse for Jared not to sing and spin around the stage with his guitar. Overall the show was a disappointing waste of money, and I recommend never spending a dime on this band again. A national act of their "caliber" putting on a show like that was just disrespectful to good musicians and fans who pay good money to see them.

George Givanni
George Givanni

Seriously? This show was horrible. Constant stopping and starting killed any chance of getting into a groove, and the audience sing-a-longs on literally every song quickly turned into Leto simply not even singing the choruses at the end, which was okay considering his voice was not in good form. Right to the end, the crowd was loud and you could tell everyone was really trying to enjoy it and just waiting for it to come together, but the band never justified their fans' faith. A shame too, as the crowd was as hyped up as any I've seen in a long time.

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