Bassnectar at the Pageant, Saturday, April 9

Bassnectar at the Pageant-1.jpg
Todd Owyoung
Electronic superstar Bassnectar sold out the Pageant over the weekend, and these people did not come to stand around. Todd Owyoung was there to capture the mayhem and midriffs.

Check out the full slideshow of Bassnectar at the Pageant.

Bassnectar at the Pageant-6.jpg
When Lorin Aston tells you to put your arms in the sky, you just do it. Photo by Todd Owyoung

Bassnectar at the Pageant-4.jpg
Happy dance fans. Photo by Todd Owyoung

Bassnectar at the Pageant-5.jpg
And again. Photo by Todd Owyoung

Bassnectar at the Pageant-2.jpg
Pageant security: All that stands between this guy and a cracked skull. Photo by Todd Owyoung

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bassnectar is ok.... eliot lipp is bringing the heat rocks to maine though

Trey Breaux
Trey Breaux

Cains Ballroom in Tulsa was wwaaaaaaaay crazier


This is gonna be Portland, Maine on the 21st!

lacoste poloshirt
lacoste poloshirt

Nicely done, very impressive. Keep up the good work and of course, keep sharing your ideas.

Trey Breaux
Trey Breaux

ok maybe just because i was there haha

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