Blind Eyes, Sleepy Kitty, The Incurables, Old Lights among locals releasing new albums

The Blind Eyes
St. Louis' unseasonably harsh winter has been a boon for local bands, many of whom have spent the time indoors hammering out new tunes. Here's a brief round-up of upcoming releases from The Blind Eyes, Sleepy Kitty, The Incurables and Old Lights.

The Blind Eyes
Album: With a Bang
Release Show: June 11
Where: Off Broadway
With: Sleepy Kitty
The city's beloved rock-pop band has been hard at work at Firebrand Studios recording the follow-up to Modernity. Expect more of the group's shuffling melancholy on Bang.

Sleepy Kitty
Album: Infinity City
(Pre-)Release Show: April 28
Where: Off Broadway
With: Warm Jets USA, Frances With Wolves
Bucking tradition, the cracked-noise-pop duo is dubbing this a "special pre-release show." The hook? Those in attendance will get a "secret, one-time-only gift to whet the appetite for the coming record. What kind of gift? We don't know: it's a secret! Only you can find out..."

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