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Photo by Autumn DeWilde
Justin Townes Earle and the Decemberists will be at the Pageant tomorrow night. Unfortunately for fans of urban blues and bookish indie, respectively, this sucker is sold out. All hope is not lost, however: We have two tickets to give away. To win, just head over to the A to Z Facebook page and name a Decemberists song that involves a mom doing the nasty. We've thought of two, but are very open to the possibility that there are more. Winners will be chosen at 3 p.m. today.

Last time the Decemberists were in town, it was their Hazards of Love tour, on which they played the whole song-cycle (yes, seriously) in its entirety. Things should be a little less exhausting this time around; the band is touring in support of its Billboard chart-topping album The King Is Dead. The new album is the band's most melodic and least studious album to date, both of which are good things. Plus, Justin Townes Earle is great. Don't think for a second he's only managed success because of papa Steve.

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reading comprehension


"A Bowers Scene"

FWIW, I don't think JTE has any songs about mom's doing the nasty, but there are at least two where his dad is abandoning the family ("Wanderin" and "Mama's Eyes")

/hoping the JTE geekiness is worth bonus points.


A Cautionary Song, most definitely! Ahhhhh I really want these tickets!


Yankee Bayonet, from the Crane Wife.

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