Glitch Mob, Twangfest and Clownvis Presley Lead This Week's New Show Announcements

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Huzzahs all around for dub fans and dance music devotees -- the Glitch Mob returns! Plus: Israeli grime slinger Borgore. It's been a minute since we heard from Clownvis Presley, but the STL ex-pat will stomp through one of his old haunts, Off Broadway, on July 1. Meryl Streep's son is apparently a singer-songwriter and has a vaguely literary name: Henry Wolfe brings his folk storm to Off Broadway May 25. And Twangfest turns 15 in June with Hayes Carll, Jill Andrews and Steve Wynn.

2720 Cherokee Street
Beats Antique, May 5
Borgore, June 13
The Glitch Mob, July 4
The Ragbirds, May 12
Skism, June 27

Apop Records
Cacaw, June 29
Neon Blud, July 27

Blueberry Hill
Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson, Jill Andrews, June 9
Led Zeppelin 2: The Live Experience, June 17
Robbie Fulks, June 10
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, July 20
Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3, June 11

Andre and the Giants, May 26
Details Details, June 8
Eyes Around, May 21
Giant Radio, June 6
Luke Mitchem, June 1
Nash Smith and Ganges, June 15
Ross Christopher, June 3
Stereo Deluxe, June 2

Crack Fox
Antique Scream, May 12
Black Jet Radio, May 16
Delilah and the Lost Boys, July 30
Shaky DeVille, May 5

Europe Nightclub
Deathface, May 14
DJ Dara, May 6
Matty G, April 29

The Firebird
Free Energy, July 20
Kylesa, June 1
Marnie Stern, July 6
Nicole Atkins and the Black Sea, June 30
She Wants Revenge, June 7

Focal Point
Ellie and Leela, May 14
Lyal Strickland, May 20
Michael Silverman Classical Jazz Quartet, June 17
Robin and Linda Williams and Their Fine Group, June 12
Switchback, June 4

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