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Wee Gaga-singing sensation Greyson Chance is headlining the Pageant tomorrow night, which blows our minds more than it probably should. Chance, who is signed to Ellen DeGeneres' Elevenelevin imprint, has racked up millions and millions of Youtube views of his videos, although he has only one officially released single to his name. If you would like to witness the spectacle, we happen to have a couple pairs of tickets -- Here's how you win:

Contest Over The correct answer is indeed Lil' Bow Wow, as a couple of you guessed. We did say "starred" and not "was good" in several movies. In any event, the tickets go to Lily and Carol -- be expecting an email from us. Alex, if you actually want tickets, we'll hook you up as well. Just email me at kiernan.maletsky AT

Although the Pageant does not keep an official tally of the ages of its performers, representatives of the venue believe Chance, at thirteen years old, is the youngest person to ever headline a show there.

To win the tickets, tell us who we're pretty sure is the second-youngest headliner in the Pageant's history. A couple hints: It was in 2001, and this person was fourteen at the time. He's also starred in several movies. Make sure you give us some way to get in touch with you, as well.

If there are no correct answers by 4:00 p.m. today, then we will give the tickets to whoever's answers we find the most entertaining. Meanwhile, become the 38,814,940th person to watch Chance playing "Papparazzi" for a bunch of bored middle-schoolers.

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