Show Announcements: Week of April 7

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Mumford and Sons blew up faster than a barn housing a meth lab, and now the Anglo-folksters are commanding $35 at the door. Don't make the same mistake you made with Florence and the Machine, this show will sell out before you can say hoe-down. At the Pageant June 5.

Blueberry Hill
*Dread Zeppelin, June 3
*The Head and The Heart, June 13

*La Snacks, May 3
*Revengeance, May 1
*Skies Revolt, May 5
*Val Halla, May 9

The Firebird
*Kenny Zimlinghaus, May 21
*MU330, June 11
*Quintron and Miss Pussycat, June 14
*Texas in July, April 16

The Fox Theatre
*Lyle Lovett, June 21
*Matthew Morrison, June 19
*Robert Plant and Band of Joy, June 15

*Bible of the Devil, May 7
*Coliseum, May 4
*The Daylights, May 6
*The Hammercocks, June 3
*Harp and Lyre, April 20
*Memphis May Fire, May 7
*Organized Noise, April 14
*Polkadot Cadaver, May 11
*Skeletonwitch, April 21

Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
*Brooks Strause, April 26
*Golden Ghost, April 21
*Nat Baldwin (The Dirty Projectors), April 18
*Queening, April 28
*Red Collar, April 19

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