Record Store Day 2011: Shoppers Show Off Their Spoils

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Record Store Day Line.jpg
The line at Vintage Vinyl. Photo by Chrissy Wilmes
Still feeling hung over from Record Store Day 2011? You could hardly be blamed: St. Louis' fine purveyors of music were in rare form on Saturday. The beer flowed freely, the live music just kept coming and the lines, as you can see, prove the death of the record store has been greatly exaggerated. We stopped a couple shoppers on their way out of Euclid Records, and they were kind enough to pose with their prizes.

Nate B.jpg

Nate B, with David's Town, a compilation of fictional bands from Fucked Up's upcoming rock opera David Comes To Life.
Interests: "Fucking the man by putting holes in my nose. I like to shoot guns and I like records."
Number of Record Store Days Attended: Two

Isaac Herzog.jpg

Isaac Herzog with The Heath Brothers Live at the Public Theater by the Heath Brothers
Occupation: Freshman in high school
Number of Record Store Days Attended: Three

Crissy Boll.jpg

Crissy Boll with 21 by Adele
Occupation: Owner, Brava Bodywear
Number of Record Store Days Attended: One

Ben Geers.jpg

Ben Geers with Counselors of the Lonely by the Raconteurs
Occupation: IT Director at Wash U.

Jess Catlin.jpg
Photos by Kiernan Maletsky

Jess Catlin, with Enter the Vaselines by The Vaselines
Occupation: Schnuck's Employee
Number of Record Store Days Attended: Two

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