Primus at the Pageant, 5/29/11: Photos

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Primus at the Pageant-3.jpeg
Rock fists and smiles all around for Primus. Photo by Todd Owyoung
Grinning hard rockers Primus sold out the Pageant on Sunday. The show came with pig masks, giant inflatable astronauts and kind of a dude-heavy crowd. Todd Owyoung was there to take in all the rawking -- you can too, right from the comfort of your desk/cubicle/couch with the highlights below.

Check out a full slideshow of Primus at the Pageant

Primus at the Pageant.jpeg
Todd Owyoung

Primus at the Pageant-1.jpeg
Todd Owyoung

Primus at the Pageant-2.jpeg
Todd Owyoung

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