American Idol Auditions Attract Thousands to the Scottrade Center

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American Idols tryouts 10.jpg
Photo by Jon Gitchoff
Holy hell a lot of people want to be the next American Idol. St. Louis is hosting tryouts today at the Scottrade Center, and thousands of hopefuls have been lining up since well before the sun came up. People came from places like Minnesota for a shot at being the next Scotty McCreery (yes, we had to look that up). Jon Gitchoff forwent sleep to get there early enough to bring you a glimpse at the scene before the adrenaline had worn off.

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Chris from Iron Range, MN (an hour away from Canada) came all the way to St. Louis to audition for American Idol.jpg
Chris from Iron Range, Minnesota. Photo by Jon Gitchoff

Americal Idol tryouts 2.jpg
Photo by Jon Gitchoff

Travis from Minneapolis (pictured left with guitar) plans to sing %22Eleanor Rigby%22 for his American Idol audition.jpg
Travis from Minnesota (left) was going to play "Elanor Rigby." Photo by Jon Gitchoff

Ryan Seacrest opens up auditions for American Idol season 11.jpg
Celebrity awaits! Photo by Jon Gitchoff

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