The Best Beards of Twangfest

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Photo by Jason Stoff
Twangfest Fifteen is well underway, with two nights of acoustic guitars and story-singin' down and two to go. The crowds have been, as advertised, great: mostly attentive, enthusiastic and both rooms have been comfortably full. As might be expected with something called Twangfest, there have also been some seriously robust beards: We bring you a half-dozen or so of our favorites.

In honor of the Baseball project closing out the Fest on Saturday, we would like to suggest that on a scale of one to five Brian Wilsons, these fine gentlemen get top marks. Some for size, some for lusciousness, some for density and all for being good sports.

Screen shot 2011-06-10 at 9.45.31 AM.png

Photo by Jason Stoff

Kentucky Beard Fight. Photo by Jason Stoff

Photo by Jason Stoff

Twangfest Beards 5.jpg
Photo by Jason Stoff

Photo by Jason Stoff

Technically a mustache, but I think we call agree it should count. Photo by Jason Stoff

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