Kim Massie Keeps the Tip Jar Full at her Decade-Old Residency

Kim Massie stage.jpg
Photo by Elizabeth Ortmann
Two nights a week St. Louisans fill downtown's Beale on Broadway for resident diva, Kim Massie's vocal stylings. Most have heard of this legendary voice, but if you haven't been, it is worth the $7 cover to experience the performance she provides. If the temps are right the entertainment will take place on the spacious patio, giving the crowd a roomy alternative to the small, dark space inside.

People begin arriving early, enjoying drinks and conversation as the band, the Solid Senders, warm up with a little jazz and funk. Though slated to begin at 10 pm, Ms. Massie doesn't climb the stage until almost 11.

Beale Outdoor.jpg
Photo by Elizabeth Ortmann

Come prepared with cash, tips are mentioned before she even starts singing and the request is repeated between every song, but beware, Beale is a 3 o'clock bar, the night could add up. After ten years performing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Beale the singer has learned a few things about persuading that jar to stay full.

She comfortably and quickly makes her way through standards, jazz and blues covers with that cool, recognizable voice, but claims you would be surprised how much her and the band know, for a nominal fee. A $20 bill will get you an entertaining version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" or something similarly out of the ordinary.

Kim Massie bar.jpg
Photo by Elizabeth Ortmann

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Sounds very entertaining the way you present it. I may have to go hear Miss Massie for myself.

cover bands are pretentious
cover bands are pretentious

I'm all about tipping performers, but a $20 tip for 1 song that the band already practices is a ripoff, especially after a $7 cover.  But I guess that how musicians and only do music as there source of income have to operate.  It's sad to me that the vast majority of people seek out cover bands and not original music.  Go see a dj if you wanna make requests. haha

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