Murphy Lee and Kyjuan's Freaky Wine, Available at a Schnucks Near You

Murphy Lee and Kyjuan at the Freaky Wine debut last Fall. Courtesy of Freaky Muscato
Murphy Lee and Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics came out with a new Freaky Muscato brand wine, dubbed "Freaky," in December. The pair recently made two appearances at local Schnucks stores promoting product. Though it debuted on the market last December, Schnucks picked up the wine this February and began selling it in stores. Schnucks had two "Freaky" signing events at St. Louis area stores last month, where both Murphy Lee and Kyjuan posed for photos with fans and signed bottles of the sparkling wine. Freaky Muscato brand owner Jeff Medolla says that this "Freaky" wine is different than most other wines, especially in its production and alcoholic content. "We use California grapes, we make it here in Missouri, and it has 11.5% alcohol by volume. All of the other muscatos have eight or nine percent, so we've got more. We've got sparkle where a lot of the other ones don't. We use a very nice bottle from's really like a champagne."

Medolla met with Murphy Lee and Kyjuan a couple of years ago and presented the product and brand to them, which led to the partnership. Medolla said that the wine has been received very well and is available in liquor stores and wine shops in many major cities, including Chicago, Ill., Memphis, Tenn., Louisville and Lexington, Ky., and will soon be hitting Atlanta, Ga. Medolla said that Freaky Muscato will be coming out with a vodka slated to be titled, "Freaky V."

For their part, the St. Lunatics have been promoting the wine beyond the aisles of Shnucks -- check the name drops in the videos below.

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