The Blow and Buddy Guy Lead This Week's Show Announcements

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The Memorial Day hangover hasn't quite lifted (it's never going to), but we've got a few gems for ya this week: remember precious pop duo The Blow? It's a solo act now, since Jona Bechtolt left to pursue YACHT, but Khaela Maricich is keeping the cute alive; she'll be at the Old Rock House in late July. Bluesman and tour addict Buddy Guy brings precocious guitarist pal Jonny Lang to Family Arena with Jimmie Vaughan on October 21.

Atomic Cowboy
Lil Wyte, June 2

Blueberry Hill
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, August 26

Comedy Etc. II
Carlos Mencia, June 17

Family Arena
Buddy Guy, October 21

The Firebird
Anarbor, July 25
Andrew Jackson Jihad, June 23
Echo Movement, June 29
hellogoodbye, July 12
Joan of Arc, August 17
Maren Parusel, July 31
Nekromantix, September 26
The Safes, July 29
Set it Off, June 6

Animals as Leaders, August 1

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