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El Monstero: Wish you were here.jpeg
Obviously you want to go to this. Photo by Paul Addotta.
El Monstero, the Pink Floyd tribute that makes all other tributes look more like sheepish compliments, is back for its first ever summer installment. This Saturday, July 9th, the Monster hits the Veteran's Memorial Amphitheater in Jefferson Barracks Park. They're out there right now setting up. There will be fireworks, there will be theatrics, there will just generally be awesome. And we have two pairs of tickets to give you. Contest rules below:

Update: Congratulations, Amy Jo and mwsdmb! Check your email for details on how to collect your tickets. Thanks, everyone!

To win: Tell us, in the comments below, your earliest Pink Floyd memory.

-Bonus points for detail.

-You must include your contact information in the comment to be eligible.

-Winners will be picked this afternoon.

*Sound quality sucks, but you get the general idea.


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Mike Burger
Mike Burger

In my best friends basement summer of '87. Two hits of cosmic fantasy. Fridge full of Coors Extra Gold. A carton of Camel Lights. Spent the evening trying to sync up "The Wall" movie music with "The Wall" album.Never got there, but it was fun trying. burgeristic@gmail.com

Amy Jo Crocker
Amy Jo Crocker

This is Amy Jo, obviously I would be taking my dad....


I was sitting in my Dad's old red and white Ford Bronco with the windows down-we always listened to his music when I was with him. He didn't like my "crap". I was about 6 or so. I thought it was such a very weird song. And, then, at the end, Dad looks over at me like I should notice something really important and meaningful. And, on the radio, I make out what sounds like some sort of school master or something yelling "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"....and so on. I just looked at him and he said "You get it?". I just remember thinking how weird both this song and my Dad were that they placed importance on this weird line. I understood the literal meaning-but I think my Dad was hoping for more. Why was there talking in the song anyways? I had always been perplexed and, although I think I semi-understand what they were getting at, I still look at whoever is with me when that part of the song is on to see if anyone else thinks that line is as important as my Dad did.Amy Jo- plummerappraisalgroup@hotmail.com

Bradley Darby
Bradley Darby

the year was 1994. I am 10 years old. I am in a small hick town called Marble Hill, where my father lives. We go to the video store to rent a movie to watch. I had just received a walkman for my birthday, and the only tapes I owned were Billy Ray Cyrus and Weird Al Yankovic. While my sisters and dad were selecting a movie, I looked at the small rack of cassette tapes that the video store also sold. Of all the "Crusin' the 60's", "Countrys Greatest Golden Hits" and "Best of 80s Rock" and other various crap tapes in the spinner I find one that strikes my fancy...none other than Pink Floyd's "Delicate Sounds of Thunder." I had never heard Pink Floyd to my knowledge, but I had heard about them from my older sisters friends. For some reason, that is the one I purchased. I think I listened to the opening song on the album, "Shine On You  Crazy Diamond" about 30 times that weekend. That was the start of history, as Floyd still to this day remains my favorite band of all time.



As just a toddler, I remember having a black light in my room and a Dark Side of the Moon poster.  Yeah, most kids have mobiles...but not in my house.  I had neon posters and instead of a night light a black light.  Hmm....this explains so much. 



my earliest pink floyd memory is driving around with friends and listening to dark side of the moon. It was rare that anyone would talk if we were listening to pink floyd. Their music is so artistic and timeless that it seems like a crime to not give it your full attention when it's playing. I think that's what i remember most, just a lot of silence while their music was on, because we didn't want to miss any of it.

yay for pink floyd, el monstero, and rft!contact @     erica_lynn69@hotmail.com

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