Née's "Magic Love" Gets a Sparkly, Choreographed Music Video

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If Née wasn't the sparkliest band in St. Louis before today, it sure as shit is now. The band just released a video for "Magic Love" off its debut EP, The Hands of Theives, and it features front woman/mastermind Kristen Dennis, drummer Mic Boshans and four of their friends doing a single-shot choreographed dance routine. "We shot it without a crew or any budget - although I guess I did spend $20 on sequins at Hobby Lobby," says Dennis. Watch below.

The video was shot last week at Off Broadway. "We worked hard on it and I love it... with all it's endearing mistakes and glitches," says Dennis. "Those things made it kinda perfectly precious."

The video opens with Dennis, Kimber Hall and Lauren Keefer, who collaborated on the choreography. There are leaps, sways, hip-shakes, arm-waves, struts, handstand splits and eventually they are joined by Dave Beeman, Boshans and Lex Herbert for lifts and spins. Everyone falls on the floor, takes a bow and prances off stage. Make sure you stick around for the credits.

"We watched some Junior High dance competitions on the youtubes. Those were probably our main source of inspiration," says Dennis. "That and Robyn's song "Call Your Girlfriend," which we listened to multiple times at every practice to get amped up."

Née is fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund an upcoming full-length - expect more on that later this year.

Dennis also released a video for EP standout "Absolom" to considerably less fanfare - it's comprised entirely of video footage she shot over the past year, mostly out of a car window, and was meant as much as a way for the song to be streamed as anything else. Given the circumstances, we found it incredibly effective. Moving, even. Funny how these things work.

As a bonus, see if you can spot what we're going to assume is a coincidental Smashing Pumpkins reference.

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i was really hoping that butterfly was going to climb onto the bullet to really drive the point home. Unfortunately butterfly minds aren't as concerned with the esoteric as you might assume.

Kiernan Maletsky
Kiernan Maletsky

Which is why you should have shot it in the wing. 

(that is terrible)

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