Observing the Twentieth Anniversary of the Riverport Riot with the Ten Best Concert Brawls

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5. Nirvana: It's a State of Mind

An overzealous security guard got a little too rough trying to fish Kurt Cobain from the crowd. The prophet of grunge responded with a Fender to the head. It went downhill from there.

4. Glen Danzig Gets KTFO

It's a bit difficult to maintain that edgy, evil persona after the world sees you get dropped from one punch. However, Danzig later explained that he let the guy knock him out so he could avoid getting sued if he retaliated. Sure you did, Glen.

3. Keith Richards is Hardcore, Period.

Besides his superhuman tolerance for pharmaceutical delights, Keith also enjoys snorting his dead father's ashes, sailing with pirates and swinging his guitar like a freaking battle axe at wayward fans.

2. You Just Got Owned by Billie Joe Armstrong

Who says Green Day is more pop than punk? Okay so maybe a lot of people do, but watch this video as Armstrong goes full on kamikaze and dive bombs an unruly fan with an epic dropkick from the stage.

1. The Maynard Choke

Many fans of Tool may not know that frontman Maynard James Keenan has his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rickson Gracie and that he's even been featured in Black Belt Magazine. Obviously, the fan in this clip wasn't aware of that.

However, this video earns the top spot for its uncanny marriage of song and action. A young man rushes the stage during Pushit, whose lyrics include the following:

I will choke until I swallow...
Choke this infant here before me.
What is this but my reflection?
Who am I to judge and strike you down?

And what happens? Maynard Judo flips the kid to the ground before securing a rear naked choke and squeezing the air right out of him. Now that's a wicked case of life imitating art.

Keenan never misses a beat either. He just keeps performing. Classic.

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