Rockwell Knuckles' "Silly Human" is NPR's Song of the Day

Knuckles put his neighborhood front and center when he named his debut solo album Northside Phenomenon.jpeg
Jennifer Silverberg
Rockwell Knuckles steady takeover got a boost today from NPR, which has his "Silly Human" as its track of the day. The blurb was written by Ben Westhoff, a former RFT staffer and recently named the new music editor at our sister paper, LA Weekly. The subhead on the article is "Soundtrack For A Departing Rocket," which is both accurate and relevant: NASA's final shuttle launch is scheduled for tomorrow.

"Silly Human" producer Trifeckta also gets a shout in the blurb -- about Rocky, Westhoff says:

St. Louis rapper Rockwell Knuckles is an accomplished and proficient performer, but he often prefers to be absurd. He's got an edge that comes from growing up in a tough part of town, but he's not particularly concerned with street life. Instead, he takes cues from unlikely role models, such as Eastbound & Down's lovable loser Kenny Powers. The title of Knuckles' latest album, You're F---- Out, I'm F---- In, is named for Powers' audio book in the show, and the rapper's music exudes similarly manic energy.

Read the whole thing here. Knuckles has big plans for the rest of 2011, including another solo release and a joint one with frequent collaborator Tef Poe.

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