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Rosanne Cash published her memoir Composed last August to widespread acclaim -- she'll be signing copies of it on September 27th at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. The eldest daughter of Johnny Cash has been incredibly successful on her own, putting eleven singles on top of the Billboard Country Songs chart and earning consistent acclaim throughout her thirty year career.

Composed comes several years into a markedly introspective turn that has seen her writing essays and short stories -- her music, meanwhile, has become more unadorned. The memoir traces her life through childhood, two marriages and a dynamic career. The paperback comes out on August 1st, and we'd like to give someone a copy. Rules below.

The Essential Rosanne Cash was released in May; to win the memoir, tell us which song you think should have been included in the compilation but wasn't, and why it's essential. Complete track listing below, for reference.

A winner will be announced on Monday -- be sure to leave an email address or twitter handle in your comment so we can arrange for you to get your book on August 1st.

Disc One:
1. Can I Still Believe In You
2. Baby, Better Start Turnin' Em Down
3. No Memories Hangin' Round
4. Seven Year Ache
5. Blue Moon With Heartache
6. My Baby Thinks He's A Train
7. It Hasn't Happened Yet
8. I Wonder
9. If It Weren't For Him
10. I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me
11. Never Be You
12. Hold On
13. Runaway Train
14. The Way We Make A Broken Heart
15. If You Change Your Mind
16. It's Such A Small World
17. Tennessee Flat Top Box
18. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

Disc Two:
1. The Real Me
2. On The Surface
3. What We Really Want
4. I Want A Cure
5. Mirror Image
6. The Wheel
7. Seventh Avenue
8. Sleeping In Paris
9. A Lover Is Forever (live)
10. Western Wall
11. September When It Comes
12. Black Cadillac
13. House On The Lake
14. The World Unseen
15. The Good Intent
16. 500 Miles
17. Sea Of Heartbreak
18. Sweet Memories

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