Win Tickets For The Blow This Sunday At Old Rock House [Update With Winners]

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Chas Bowens
In this week's issue, Mike Appelstein previews Khaela Maricich's, a.k.a. the Blow's upcoming show at Old Rock House, saying, "Originally a singer/songwriter in the untrained, spirit-over-virtuosity K Records vein, she quickly embraced high technology and concept. As the Blow, she has released a series of recordings marrying robotic electronic production to her one-of-a-kind vocal, at once cooing and confrontational."

Enticing, no? We have a couple tickets to Sunday's show; contest rules below.

Congratulations, Julie and Ryoncc! Details have been sent to your email/twitter.

To win the tickets, tell us in the comments what your favorite the Blow song, album, or previous moniker title is. Please include your email address and the name you would like to appear at will call on Sunday.

The contest will close at 5 p.m. today.

Location Info

Old Rock House

1200 S. 7th St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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Erika Kubsch
Erika Kubsch

Erika Kubsch I am pretty in love with the whole Paper Television album. But... Parentheses is probably my favorite song because it's sweet and I'm a girl who happens to like that sappy sweet stuff... And because sometimes I cry in the deli aisle...   


My favorite song is from The Blow's 2003 record, The Concussive Caress, or, Casey Caught her Mom Singing Along With the Vacuum. I love track 12: What Amy Heard in Her Mother's Voice Played Backwards, since because duh, a way long title for a 40 second gag. Can't wait for this show!


Poor Aim: Love Songs !Colinfiola (At) gmail (dot) comColin Fiola


"Hey Boy"  is my favorite song by The Blow because of the multiple choices offered as reasons why he didn't call: A. You're gay; B. You've got a girlfriend; C. You kinda thought I came on too strong; or D. I just wasn't your thing -no ring.  Personally, I think it's A.


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