Update: Tickets On Sale Now -- tUnE-yArDs is Coming to Off Broadway

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Anna M Cambell
Merrill Garbus, a.k.a. tUnE-yArDs, is coming to Off Broadway on November 8th. Pat Jordache will open.

Update: Tickets are now on sale -- buy them online through Eleven Productions or at Off Broadway.

whokill, tUnE-yArDs second full-length, is among the best-reviewed records of 2011 -- it's a true original, strange and gripping, wildly schizophrenic and oddly cathartic. Garbus is a one-woman terror live, yelping and howling and layering her songs' rough-hewn pieces together. She's got a backing band these days to add additional chaos.

Our own Diana Benanti, writing about Garbus' set this weekend at Pitchfork, says:

She doesn't have a beautiful voice, but she's got so much soul she could be singing with Steven Hawking's voice box and people would still care. She emitted a few feral squalls and well-timed falsetto wails, sounding like the second coming of Robert Plant, exuding similar effortless magnetism.

Kick ass.

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