Yuck Is Coming To The Firebird

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Loud, noisy and rapidly-rising Yuck is coming to the Firebird. October 4th is the date and tickets are $12. You can buy them starting Saturday, July 30th at noon.

Yuck's debut, self-titled full-length arrived earlier this year to more-or-less universal fanfare -- its brand of '90s post-punk revivalism has been meet with approval by a fan base that has become leery of such things. Yuck is more than just a special new band -- did you see the bassists' hair?

Almost by definition, this will be the band's St. Louis debut. We will definitely be there -- this should be a hell of a good time. Get clean/dirty with the (NSFW) video for standout "Rubber."

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Wolf Haley
Wolf Haley

Decent band, but not all that great live.

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