Join Mustard Rob's Bass Guitar Jam Tonight At El Leñador

Tonight, the bass guitar gets its muddy moment in the spotlight at El Leñador. Rob Severson, a.k.a. Googolplexia, is roughly halfway through a monthlong Monday residency at the bar that looks German but serves Mexican food, and tonight's entertainment features an open bass guitar jam.

Everyone is invited -- Severson suggests in a release that you, "Prepare or improvise between five seconds and five minutes of bass guitar shredding, and bring it along. At the end, maybe all the bassists involved (and anyone else that wants to) will do a monster bass family jam on "My Name Is Mud," or something." Eric Hall will provide accompaniment.

Googolplexia will also be performing a set with Dave Stone on saxophone, and Hall will do a bass-free solo set.

Next week, Severson has a request show planned and he'll be joined by Denton's Fishboy on the 29th. September's Monday Residency host is Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra.

Admission is free and the drinks are cheap. You may never see this many bass guitars at once again. You may never want to.

Location Info


El Lenador

3124 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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