The Nine Most Bizzare Moments In Juggalo History

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4. Juggalos love their Faygo. But who loves it the most?

3. Juggalos get mad when people fuck with their family, just like everyone.

2. They also hurt when they lose loved ones. The death of a child is a horrible tragedy. Especially when the child is laid to rest in ICP paraphernalia. Oh, and Mama wants her fucking t-shirts.

1. Remember a few years ago when a guy was beheaded by his seatmate on a Greyhound bus traveling across Canada? The victim was a Juggalo. His death had nothing to do with him being a Juggalo. Sometimes, the bad guys don't wear clown makeup.

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Thanks for sharing the news, I think it is interesting and funny


and by 'that' i meant pity...


pathetic post Robin shame on you : you officialy suck, bravo.Sheen did pretty well at the Gathering actually, it is standard to throw some things (and when it is just some Faygos like it was the case with Sheen it is actually a sort of Juggalo welcome) at  the Gathering so next know your subject or just shup up. Whoop whoop, bitch (in your case it is not amical..but no hard feelings you are too pathetic to deserve other than that).

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