The Ten Best Tweets From LouFest 2011

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As of last night, St. Louis' own music festival is officially two years old. That makes it one year older and one name way (way) better than Kanrocksas, not that we're keeping score. The weekend was full of strange moments, local vindication, trying heat and rampant social media, the last one marked by the addition of the Chatter Box, a new tent devoted to adding ease to spreading the word about the festival through online reactions. Sorting through all of the LouFest-related Tweets the morning after has made us considerably nostalgic already, but in the meantime, we've found the ten that best illustrate the atmosphere (heatstroke + endless enthusiasm, all split across the friendliest and most spaced-out crowd in the history of festivals) and best moments of the festival's terrible (read: terrific) twos.

If you haven't already, check out our recaps of the entire two-day lineup.

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loufest deerhunter.jpeg

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Hey "anniezaleski," would you write that about "all the black people?"


There were more black people in TV on the Radio than there were attending Loufest.

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