Melt-Banana And The Black Angels Lead This Week's Show Announcements

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Like snorting Adderall off a Hello Kitty doll, Melt-Banana's terse noisy punk will eat yr brain.

Japanese anti-heroes Melt-Banana embark on a U.S. tour this fall, and guess where they're gonna be? Cicero's. Guess where they're not gonna to be? New York City. Bah, that rules. If we're keeping score, that's St. Louis: 1, New York: Still winning. Oh well. But there's still some measure of justice in the world, because Yowie and Spelling Bee are opening the show. The Black Angels, de facto governors of Austin's psych scene, sold out the Old Rock House back in April after skipping St. Louis four years in a row; apparently they learned their lesson -- we get another date at ye Old Rock Haus October 16.

Melt-Banana, October 17

Family Arena
Judas Priest, November 10
Michael Bolton, October 6

The Firebird
All Get Out, October 3
Big D and the Kids Table, September 27
Blitz The Ambassador, September 22
Ganglians, September 7
Madina Lake, September 15
Man Man, October 17
Revolver, October 12
Three Bad Jacks, September 8
True Widow, August 18
Warbringer, October 29

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