Announcing The First RFT Music Party

Kentucky Knife Fight.jpg
Kentucky Knife Fight. Photo by Dave Johnson
Our love for St. Louis music cannot be confined to words. Which is just one of several reasons we're throwing a party Saturday, August 13 at Off Broadway, featuring a few excellent locals: Kentucky Knife Fight, Bruiser Queen and Ra Cailum. $6 gets you in the door, and we've got a few surprises planned.

Kentucky Knife Fight you know (and love) as our area's finest purveyors of dirt-caked rock and roll. Bruiser Queen is latest vehicle for Morgan Nusbaum, whose powerful voice is equally capable of rising melody and shit-kicking punk rock -- Jason Potter holds down the drum kit. Rounding out the bill is Ra Cailum, whose blissful electronic stylings get more assured with each of the albums he's constantly releasing.

This will be the first of many of these sorts of things -- we will obviously keep you posted. But we've got a couple big announcements coming about this one in particular, so get those calendars updated.

So let's go over it again:

RFT Music Party, Featuring Kentucky Knife Fight, Bruiser Queen, Ra Cailum and Surprises
Where: Off Broadway
When: August 13th, start time TBD
Cost: $6

Location Info


Off Broadway

3509 Lemp Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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anonymous coward slater
anonymous coward slater

The debate about the integrity of music "journalism" or music writing aside, I think getting this involved with the local music community will essentially destroy the facade of unbiased journalism put on by the rft music staff.  I know you're fans - we're all fans - but at least create a fake organization and do this kind of cheerleading on the sly.


Shocker. Haters gonna hate. Always.

Kiernan Maletsky
Kiernan Maletsky

Seems like creating a fake organization would be disingenuous. We are obviously biased toward St. Louis music in general, but we don't have a particular agenda beyond that. We will always be happy to hear your suggestions -- if you know of a band or venue you think is worth spotlighting, we'd be happy to head in that direction next time! 

And it's worth noting that we have no financial stake in these things.


I think the point OP is trying to make here is that once the RFT starts promoting/sponsoring local shows, the readership can't really know whether a positive review of one of these bands down the road is truly a critical accolade, or merely a "support local music, damn the mediocrity" puff piece.  Not saying that would happen, just saying that once the line is blurred, there's no way for us to know...  You might lose the teeth needed to call a mediocre local band "meh".

Mike Cracchiolo
Mike Cracchiolo

The line is already blurred for most people anyway. Most local bands that don't get the press they want, the bookings they want, or the attention they feel they deserve will cry foul and blame local press for only promoting their friends, whether it's true or not. So the RFT really has nothing to lose here, and for the writers it's damned if you do, damned if you don't.

And frankly, who gives a shit if local bands get critical accolades or don't? It's not going to make them into anything more (or less) than they are. If a local band doesn't have the ability to draw a crowd or sell records, positive attention from the RFT is not going to magically bestow it on them, or take it away.

Kiernan Maletsky
Kiernan Maletsky

We are already a presence at many music events around town, including LouFest and, of course, our own showcase. Inasmuch as we do call local bands "meh" (much more often we just say nothing) that has never stopped us, and it won't going forward. I hate to continue reiterating a point, but we will always care much more about the big picture of St. Louis music than any particular band, and that requires not giving free passes to mediocre music, even if it comes from people we think have made superior music in the past.

I appreciate the conversation here -- I'm eager to explain our thinking and remain transparent about our process. 

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