Taylor Swift Is Saving America

Communing with fans: One of many ways Taylor Swift is a superior pop star.
Let's get one thing out of the way: I am not a teenybopper. Never was. As a kid I never liked Grease or New Kids on the Block or Dirty Dancing. Even now, I can't give a crap about your Biebers or your Mileys. And how in the hell anybody likes Glee is beyond my comprehension. But, OMG, I totes hearts Taylor Swift, y'all.

Her whole damn thing is fabulous: She writes her own songs, she's super-involved with her fans, she's hilarious in the press, she never uses her sexuality to sell herself, she's only 21 years old and she's holding down a massive tour all by herself. (Eat shit, U2.)

And though her squeaky-clean image is a selling point for many a parent, it's a turn-off for tons of potential fans. If you're not used to dealing with cutesy pop stars, it can be kinda hard to get past her pretty, pretty princess act. Yes, she's a product, but Superstar Swift is more than just a money-making business construct. I have no doubt that talent and ambition were key factors in getting her where she is today.

Because she is a hard working, song-writing, Grammy-award-winning, powerful young woman, Swift absolutely qualifies as a strong female role model. Yes, she's a totally "safe" option when it comes to female empowerment, but hey, I'll take it. I have little sisters and I'm stoked whenever there is any girl for them to look up to who is not a total trash whore.

So gag on her vanilla-ness all you want, but they can't all be shit-disturbers. That isn't something we look for in a tween idol and there haven't been many popular options for this generation. Madonna is the longest standing icon, but she's always been too wrapped up in controversy to get a parental pass. It wasn't so long ago that the Spice girls were pushing prepackaged Girl Power, but they all had their tits out.

And the Riot Grrrls, though I loved them, were total potty mouths. Sure, I would prefer if it your young daughters were into Heart or Babes in Toyland or Patti Smith, but there's plenty of time for that later when these kids enter their black eyeliner years. So for now, give the li'l princesses what they want. It's totally okay this time.

Read about why Taylor Swift is destroying America here.

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Taylor Swift ∞♥♔
Taylor Swift ∞♥♔

Taylor, I love you so much. You're the reason that I manage to smile everyday. You're the reason I get up in the morning. You gave me another reason to LOVE the number 13. You made me fall in love with your music. You're adorable and gorgeous. Don't bother with the haters because they obviously don't know what true music is. Every time you write a song, I can feel you. I can feel what you're feeling. You have a song for every moment in my life and in yours. You're my inspiration, role model, and everything I've ever wanted and needed in my entire life. I love you and I have this dream to meet you Taylor, I always have and I'm never ever going to give up on that dream. You're an amazing role model to people around the whole world and I commend you so much for that. I will love you forever and always. Your swifties will be here for you whenever you need us mama


Jaime Lees, thanks for going against Sarah Fenske who wrote an article here about Swift destroying America. You made a lot of Swifties happy with your article.


Nuff said. 


PREACH! She really is spectacular! She's not perfect and most people only see her at award shows where she's nervous as hell because she isn't sure what the audience thinks about her and usually there are powerhouse idols of hers in attendance. At her shows, she knows everyone is there to cheer her on and she is AMAZING. Not only vocally, but she is the BEST entertainer I've ever seen, fans THRIVE on connecting to a performer and she literally makes you feel like she's singing just to you and that you're best friends. The way she marvels at the crowds reaction is so incredibly genuine, you can't fake that look on her face!

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