Troubadour Dali, The Black Lips, Tech N9ne: August 4-10 in Show Flyers

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Dani Kinnison
Even with the instant gratification and knowledge of social media, there is still something about the art of the show fliers that cannot be replaced. This week, we ventured to the Grove, wandered down Delmar Boulevard and tramped along Cherokee Street to bring you this week's shows in fliers hanging on the walls, counters and windows of the Atomic Cowboy, the Gramophone, Vintage Vinyl, Apop Records, Cherokee Street Bikes and Foam Coffee and Beer.

Psychedelic punk rockers the Black Lips will be playing tonight at the Firebird. Troubadour Dali is having its album release show on Saturday at Off Broadway, and Tech N9ne is also playing that night at Pop's.

Thursday, August 4

Dani Kinnison

Friday, August 5
Dani Kinnison
Dani Kinnison
Dani Kinnison

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