Gin Blossoms, John Prine Lead This Week's Show Announcements

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Gin Blossoms AND Better than Ezra were featured on the soundtrack for the iconic '90s Bildungsfilm.
Slow week for announcements, but there are some gems up in here: Remember the '90s? Yeah, they like, weren't that long ago, and just when we thought we were nearing the end of this otiose, pervasive nostalgia, Lumiere Place comes to the rescue with October shows from Better Than Ezra and the Gin Blossoms. By Gandalf, their respective contributions ("Hey Jealousy!" "Desperately Wanting!") to the larger canon of American music will not be forgotten! Oh yeah, and Sugar Ray will be performing in downtown St. Louis to close out the Rock and Roll Marathon on October 23, because nothing says "rock n' roll" like Mark McGrath. Crooner John Prine comes to the Touhill on December 3.

Those looking forward to the electronic noodling of LA's Baths will be all sad panda at this--the September 30 show at the Gargoyle was cancelled earlier this week. No word yet if it'll be rescheduled.

2720 Cherokee
Cornmeal, November 12
Dumptruck Butterlips, October 29

Ravello, October 21
Weatherbox, October 11

Crack Fox
Voltaire, October 16

The Firebird
Breathe Carolina, November 7
Mister Heavenly, November 12

Ancients, November 15
Kevin Seconds, October 23
Mentat Routage, October 25
Oh, Sleeper, October 30
Scale the Summit, November 8
These Hearts, October 8
Woe Is Me, Decemebr 19

The Gramophone
The Bo Keys, October 23

The Heavy Anchor
Squid the Whale, October 28

Lumiere Place Hotel and Casino
Aaron Lewis of Staind, October 27
Better Than Ezra, October 15
Gin Blossoms, October 22

Off Broadway
Mark Sultan aka BBQ, November 6

Old Rock House
J.D. Souther, October 20
Mickey Hart Band, December 13

Soldier's Memorial Plaza
Sugar Ray, October 23

Touhill Performing Arts Center
John Prine, December 3

Young Turks, October 26

Vintage Vinyl
Dam Funk, October 7
Van Hunt, October 6

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