Deerhoof And Sleepy Kitty At The Luminary, 9/27/11: Photo Essay

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All photos by Corey Woodruff
Prior to Sleepy Kitty's opening set, Evan Sult lamented the passing of St. Louis luminary Bob Cassilly and dedicated the first song to him.

In further tribute to late City Museum founder Bob Cassilly, Evan Sult fashioned a t-shirt that read "Thank You BC".

Sleepy Kitty's Paige Brubeck effortlessly alternated between slinky chanteuse and angsty rock girl, often within the confines of a single song.

The bulk of the sold-out crowd showed up early and was rewarded with a stellar set by the local duo. Based on the comments overheard at the merch table, this was the first exposure to Sleepy Kitty for many attendees.

Brubeck uses a series of live loops and effects to augment the duo's sound.

In addition to rock shows, The Luminary Arts also hosts art exhibits -- sometimes in the same room. Between sets, attendees gazed at photos, video displays and art in motion throughout the venue.

Greg Saunier kicked off Deerhoof's set with a syncopated assault on his minimalist drum kit.

(From left) Satomi Matsukazi, Ed Rodriguez and John Dieterich were in constant motion throughout Deerhoof's frenetic set. The crowd did its best to join in whenever they detected a rare steady beat to bob their heads to.

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