O'Death Ticket Giveaway!

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New York freak folk vagabonds O'Death will play tonight at Off Broadway, and we'd like to send you for free! Head over to our Facebook page to enter -- obviously the clock is very much ticking. We'll pick a winner at 4 p.m.

O'Death has been making its wildly energetic hodgepodge of folk, punk, bluegrass, etc. since 2003. The band was playing in St. Louis a fair amount before it took a hiatus while member David Rogers-Berry underwent (successful) cancer treatment. To preview a November 2008 show, Roy Kasten interviewed singer/guitarist Greg Jamie. Their conversation touched on the way the band's primal sound fits in an ever-less-primal world. Excerpt below.

Roy Kasten: A lot of the voices come out of a wilderness.

Greg Jamie: There are things in the songs that people can connect with, a primal, return-to-nature thing. That's a big part of what we're about, and why it makes sense in this era. There's always that thing in music, art and film, where technology is moving forward, but there's a primal call in you to resist that in an aggressive way.

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