The 115 St. Louis Bars Where You Can Smoke This Weekend

In addition to friendly natives and muggy weather, St. Louis provides a myriad of places to light up.
​Smoking ban? What smoking ban?

We recently got an up-to-date list of bars that have received exemptions from the city's nine-month-old smoking ban from gadfly Bill Hannegan, who advocates for the freedom to light up. Turns out there are 115 places in St. Louis City where you can get your gin with a side of nicotine -- and that's not even counting the bars that have gotten exemptions in St. Louis County.

Both city and county exempt bars where food provides 25 percent or less of the total revenue. The city also requires that exempted bars be less than 2,000 square feet.

But, as you can see from the giant list below, there are plenty of little saloons in this town where a) the food isn't the main attraction, and b) the footprint is tiny.

The complete list follows. Don't blame us if addresses are wrong or places have closed; this is the official city roster, and we take no responsibility for their record-keeping.

Broadway Martini, 8224 N. Broadway
Daddy's Money, 5300 N. Broadway
Nick's Bar & Grill, 7907 N. Broadway
Playboy Cappucino Lounge Inc., 8500 N Broadway
Rockhouse Tavern, 400 Blasé
Casablanca II, 4044 N. Florissant
Hurns Lounge, 3648 Hebert
Red Bone's Den, 3801 Kossuth
Valerie's Sit & Sip, 3701 Sullivan
Gorgeous Gents S.C., 2707 N. Taylor
J's Hide Out, 4257 W. M.L.King
NBC Cocktail Lounge, 4621 Dr MLK
Peter Gunn Lounge, 2713 Marcus
Zack's, 1904 Whittier
Hair of the Dog, 1212 Washington
Parodi's Grill & Beverage, 1930 N 9th
Upper Level Restaurant & Lounge, 2546 N Grand
Nara Café & Hookah Lounge, 1326 Washington
Riley's, 3456-58 Arsenal
Windy City Lounge, 2712 Dr M L King
Bussone's Wine & Spirits, 1011 Olive
Clementine, Inc., 2001 Menard
Crack Fox, 1114 Olive
D's Place, 900 Barton
Gladstone, 1800 S 10th St
Hard Times, 1718 Olive
Keyper's, 2280 S. Jefferson
Molly's Bar, 816 Geyer
Nadines Gin Joint, 931 S.12th St.
One Nite Stand, 2800 Ohio
Sonny's, 1026 Geyer
Soulard Bastille, 1027 Russell
The Beale on Broadway, 701 S. Broadway
The Shanti, 825 Allen
The Trophy Room, 5099 Arsenal
Al's Café, 2500 DeKalb

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Michael J. McFadden
Michael J. McFadden

Like most of the antismoking sound bites, "the level playing field" *sounds* good until you take a minute or two to think about what it actually means.  The Antismokers claim that bars aren't hurt by smoking bans because even if some smokers go to them less, they'll be all filled up with the ravening thirsty hordes of nonsmokers who previously stayed at home.  

Now if that was actually the truth, then the bars complying with the ban would be tickled pink at seeing this list since all those hordes would now come to their own banned bars and avoid these 115.  The LAST thing in the world that they'd want would be to see the exemptions removed.

But of course it's not the truth, and the Antismokers know it.  You can read more about their lies and their language tricks in "The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans" that's completely free for reading, downloading, and printing if you like.  Just Google "V.Gen5h" and click on "The Health Arguments" there.  And, if you have any specific, substantive criticisms of anything in it, please feel free to share them here.

Michael J. McFadden, Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"


So, these bans are about health?  NOT!  It's about stealing the rights of owners for the preference of others.

Fred L
Fred L

There ya go, 115 bars to stay the hell out of...


Pundits have gone too far on smoking

We’ve been told for years secondhand smoke is deadly dangerous but we are here alive and there are no deaths from it, not even close.It’s an exaggerated, created science all its own. It’s propaganda - fallacies created to have justifications for a new round of tobacco prohibition. I am for freedom, freedom for all people to have their own place in this world, including the smokers!Tobacco smoke maybe an irritant to some, but that’s about it. Its chemical makeup has been so exaggerated by tobacco control pundits, it’s insanity. Only 6 percent of tobacco smoke constitutes those 7,000 theorized and identified components of the smoke. Theorized is the word, since the claimed chemicals are themselves so small they can barely be detected. Nanograms, femtograms are the sizes of what can be detected so they theorize the rest. Four percent is carbon monoxide, while nearly 90 percent constitutes ordinary atmospheric air! These figures come from the surgeon general’s report in 1989.Oh the pundits may bring up benzene in tobacco smoke. The average cigarette produces roughly 300 micrograms of benzene (1986 report of the surgeon general. p.130) 0.3 micrograms - 300 nanograms.Benzene is normally found in fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, beverages and eggs. The National Cancer Institute estimates that an individual may safely ingest up to 250 micrograms in their food per day, every single day of the year.Thus, the “safe” exposure to benzene from one day of a normal diet is roughly equal to the exposure experienced by a nonsmoker sharing an airspace with smokers for over 750 hours.It’s a political movement and it was never about health.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

Of course lots of City bars and private clubs not on this list continue to allow smoking. And they should continue not to comply!  Alcohol prohibition got overturned because Americans refuse to comply. The same thing should happen to this mean, dumb law.

Bill Smells
Bill Smells

Or just make the playing field equal for everyone and make the ban total for everyone.

Not Bill
Not Bill

Something tells me you don't have the scientific or medical background to reach these conclusions. Maybe it's the totally unsupported "here we are alive and there are no deaths from it, not even close" remark.    Let's see your evidence. The fact that some people do stupid things and don't die from them is not scientific proof in any way.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

Or just let each business owner set his own smoking or nonsmoking policy.

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