2011 World Series: Demi Lovato and Joe (Singer), or, Baseball Doesn't Get Its Target Audience

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This is the face of true baseball fandom.
Say what you will about the Black Eyed Peas, but its appearance in this year's Super Bowl made perfect sense, in a lot of ways, because it is the Super Bowl of music acts -- incredibly loud and expensive, bombastic, followed out of a strange sense of pop-cultural duty, covered in strange body armor, etc. The NFL aims at pop culture's bland, enormous middle, and they nail it every year.

Major League Baseball aims at -- moms, I think? And their daughters, maybe.

The 2009 All-Star Game here in St. Louis featured Sheryl Crow; 2010 was Train singing "Hey, Soul Sister." And in Game 5 of the 2011 World Series they trotted out Dallas native Demi Lovato for the National Anthem. Because baseball fans love Sonny with a Chance! (It's called that because, like, her name is Sonny, and her pluck gives her a chance to be famous.)

Not to be denied, the Cardinals will apparently be calling on difficult-to-Google R&B singer Joe, who is from neither St. Louis nor Dallas but had a hit ten years ago with "I Wanna Know," for Game 6. So far as I can tell he will be performing the anthem because his new album, The Good, The Bad, The Sexy, came out last week.

I get it: Baseball's target market is thirtysomething white males, and unless you can get Pavement to reunite every other day, playing to that market isn't going to get you a lot of pop-cultural cachet. But even if the goal is to book some huge acts that are total non sequiturs to their audience they could do better than Demi Lovato, Train and Joe (singer). For several years now baseball's desired musical target appears to be people who were never relevant to most baseball fans and were relevant to people who don't care about baseball between two and five years ago.

You wouldn't realize this from its ham-fisted attempts to market themselves with last year's music stars, but baseball is actually as culturally relevant as it's been in 50 years, apparently in spite of its booking department. If they want to get big names that don't mean anything to people who watch baseball, they could probably get actual big names.

For 2012, then, it might be wise to aim higher than this leaked copy of their plans for the next World Series which I'm not making up:

(find out if this is possible--Bud)

Anthem Singers
Game 1: Cali Swag District
Game 2: One of the Jonas Brothers
(heard oldest one died of cocaine overdose w/ Steve from Blue's Clues--confirm)
Game 3: Yung Joc
Game 4: The guy who's always with Soulja Boy
Game 5: Liam Gallagher
Game 6: Surviving members of TLC
Game 7
(if necessary): Rihanna feat. Jay-Z and Kanye West

God Bless America: A different member of the Backstreet Boys every night

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Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger

I say MLB should go commie on everyone and just eliminate the national anthem from the games. In as many games i went to this year, i saw just as many terrible renditions by 4th grade choruses.



Say what you want about Demi's past (TBH, everybody has to start somewhere), but if you actually know the music industry, you'll see that she's actually very good vocally, with a strong range. It was actually a rare spot-on pick by MLB to get her to sing the Anthem. She did a great job too: none of the horrible riffs and runs that a singer like, say, Rihanna or Christina Aguilera would do in their rendition. The only pick that would've been better than Demi Lovato would've been Charice.


Mr. Moore, get a life!!! If the most important thing yoi have to worry about is who songs the Nagional anthem then I feel for you. Futthermore, it didn't appear that any of the fans had a problem with Joe's performance. I personally LOVED IT! And No....we would not like to hear your version so Keep your day job!


To the stupid writer of this article.... It is just the national anthem, which I want to believe is relevant to everyone in the audience. It's not like they had a concert or anything. So Mr. Moore, next time think harder when trying to come up with an idea/argument for an article. Don't embarrass yourself in such popular website


Demi Lovato is actually a talented artist- don't judge her by her Disney past


Demi Lovato

Dan Moore
Dan Moore

Terylwa, your comment has made me reconsider the way I've lived my life so far. You'll find no more stupid or embarrassing articles here; I've decided to begin singing the national anthem professionally, because it is just the national anthem, and inherently relevant to everyone. 

MLB is Boring
MLB is Boring

So is Joe. By this article's interpretation, since MLB is not booking better talent to sing the national athem, baseball fans around the world are not going to watch the game? Who cares who's singing? Fans of the artists who arent baseball fans will tune in to watch the performance. A few of those will stick around and actually watch the game. MLB is attracting those who normally dont tune in. Then again, I'm a die hard Joe fan and even though I played baseball for 7 years, I never got into watching it! Baseball is boring to watch. Lol ... By the way, stupid shows like Dancing with the Stars always tap into sports athletes. Why do you think that is? "sarcasm in case you didnt get that last line"

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