Neon Indian Kreayshawn Are Coming To The Blue Note. Together.

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Vice magazine's Noisey project has sought to be a sort of social network for bands. This fall, it's moving off the computer with a tour that goes to college campuses and features co-headliners Neon Indian and Kreayshawn. Huh?

If you feel like witnessing the mix of chillwave and... whatever Kreayshawn is, the tour comes to Columbia on October 25 at the Blue Note. It's just a two hour drive to see what we have to assume is some sort of indication of the end times or a possible rip in the fabric of the universe or something. We can't decide which is more surprising: That this is happening at all or that we're actually starting to understand the pairing.

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The Blue Note

17 N. Ninth St., Columbia, MO

Category: Music

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